Q:Why Hire a Consultant?
A:People should have a good understanding of things that are important to them. This allows them to make informed decisions regarding these parts of their lives. If a person is interested in the growth of money, he or she will read books or magazines on the subject, watch investments and modify when necessary based on their goals. If a person is interested in longevity, they will study about the quality of foods and different methods of exercise. There are ways to cut down on the time required for these learning curves, and one of the most effective is to hire a reputable person who specializes in that area. In the aforementioned examples, investment planners and dieticians would be helpful.

Most people’s biggest investment is their house. This being the case, it’s easy to see how there would be a large degree of interest in how money is spent on buying, repairing or renovating houses. The interest is abundantly evident by the presence of do-it-yourself classes at building supply stores, television shows on buying and renovating houses and the like. Despite this, many are unaware that there are dedicated professionals who specialize in renovation of older buildings, residential engineering, repair design and implementation, and structural inspections of residential and commercial properties. It’s our goal to change this, and to provide our clients with the needed information, options and services to help them achieve their goals.


Q. What time and when do you conduct inspections?
A. On-site inspections are normally done between 10 and 4:30 Monday through Friday.
Other times can be arranged depending on the client’s needs. Appointment dates and
times will be confirmed one or two days prior to the site visit. Email requests are welcome.

Q. Where do you conduct inspections?
A. We are licensed to practice engineering in both North and South Carolina. Generally,
our coverage area extends from Asheville to the Charlotte Metro area and from Boone to the Greenville/Spartanburg area. Site visits beyond these areas are done less frequently, but can be arranged.

Q. When will I receive my report?
A. Inspection reports are normally provided within five to ten working days. Copies of these reports are sent by mail or emailed, as the client desires. If a report requires added time for research or review, we’ll keep you informed of its status and will do our best to get the report to you in a timely manner.

Q. What are my payment options?
A. Like other professionals, payment is required at or before the time services are rendered. This is done to keep costs down and provide timely reports to our clients. We accept cash, check or Visa/MasterCard. If desired, a written receipt can be provided at the time of the site visit, and a paid invoice will accompany the mailed report.

Q. Why do I need an engineer first instead of having a general
contractor address my repair need(s)?
A.The benefit of having an independent consulting engineer design your structural repair is threefold:


  • Assurance that the designed repair is structurally correct and meets all applicable Codes. In more cases than we care to remember, insufficient repairs have been completed, requiring greater cost and more time to adequately correct the problem.
  • Confidence that the repair is not “over-designed”, which often results in inflated pricing. Our repair designs often save considerably more money than the cost of our services, while maintaining emphasis on structural stability and good performance. Our efforts are centered on locating members and materials where they will perform best.
  • Experience and education are paramount in structural matters. Did you know that it takes a minimum of 8 years of education and experience, and 16 hours of nationally standardized testing for an engineer to obtain a license to practice? In addition to licensure, our experience in this market, knowledge of the governing Codes, and understanding of structural performance allows us to help the structure not just meet Code, but perform the way you expect it to.