Towery Consulting and Engineering’s expertise encompasses the following areas:


Residential consulting for prospective homebuyers and home sellers.
Consulting with an engineer provides a prospective buyer with the structural information needed to make an informed decision when purchasing a home. A thorough understanding of the condition of the property is imperative if the client is to have long-term satisfaction with his or her purchase. In many cases, we have found that people do not fully understand the maintenance requirements of one house versus another. Since there is no such thing as a “maintenance-free house”, it pays to know the associated responsibilities and maintenance requirements of a particular property. If the client is a seller, consulting with our firm will provide an increased understanding of the repairs necessary prior to the sale. This process results in fewer items noted by home inspectors, a faster and smoother selling process, and increased sale value of the home.


Consulting for prospective commercial property buyers and sellers and Real Estate Agents
Since there are no “commercial inspectors” (analogous to Home Inspectors), the prospective buyer often has to make his/her own decisions regarding the condition of the property. Obviously, others can be retained to inspect and provide feedback on systems such as HVAC and roof coverings, but doesn’t it make sense to address the foundation and other structural elements in a similar manner? Whether you are a buyer, seller or a real estate agent, a thorough understanding of the condition of the property helps determine an accurate value, speeds sales, ensures peace of mind, and results in better transactions for all involved.



Structural Repair Design for Residential and Commercial Buildings.
It is a known fact that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. This is more common than most people think in the construction business, but it shouldn’t be construed to mean that something ends up wrong because a problem surfaced. In most cases, these problems can be identified, and an economical solution can be developed without impeding the workflow of the job or significantly affecting the economics of the project. As one might expect, there are several solutions to any given problem. This is where our firm can be of the most assistance. Lots of solutions exist, but one is best suited. Consulting with our firm not only limits costs to repair a problem but can even save money. This works in favor of both the contractor on the job and the owner.


Consulting Engineering based on Home Inspection Reports.
These investigations are generally required when, often during the sale of a property, a Home Inspector lists a condition that should be addressed by a Professional Engineer. For example, a crack in a foundation wall may indicate a significant structural problem requiring structural repair, or it may only need to be cosmetically repaired. Our firm specializes in determining the difference and assisting the buyer or seller in understanding the underlying cause or causes.


Specialty Consulting and Design for Additions and Renovations
These are performed before, during or after the construction phase of a renovation or addition.
In the planning and design phases of a project, the owner or contractor often needs structural design services. In most cases, the structural design can be integrated with the architecture to allow for more efficient usage of space, more economical usage of materials, and increased energy efficiency. Our consulting and design services can be used in these cases to help make sound decisions and help produce a superior product for the owner.

Change orders are common in renovation projects. Due to these changes, contractors may need beams and/or other support mechanisms sized to support the required loads. We are well known for developing solutions that are workable for the contractor and meet the design intent of the owner.
In some cases, an owner will request our services in order to verify that the size or sizes of existing structural members are adequate. This “after the fact” work can provide either assurance that the members were designed and installed properly, or direction on how to correct any deficiencies.


New Construction Inspections
Most states require some sort of disclosure statement or agreement when a house is sold. In North Carolina for example, General Statute 47E states that such an agreement is not required for the “first sale of a dwelling which has never been inhabited”. To protect the buyer and ensure that the house is being constructed properly, we offer inspection services to verify compliance with the current residential Code. These inspections are performed during the construction process to provide a measure of assurance for the client and to provide assistance and alternatives if problems arise. Rates are typically based on square footage and are well worth the investment. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

New Construction Structural Design
During the design phase of a project, it is advisable and sometimes required to have a design professional, such as a Professional Engineer design the structural components. Different types of materials and systems can support the loads required by Code, but one type best suits each application. A well-planned structural design allows for a smoother construction process that saves money, meets the client’s needs and performs well for many years. Simply meeting the Code’s minimum requirements is not a recipe for quality in every case. We can help you achieve your goals and prevent costly maintenance and repairs through an efficient and targeted design that is tailored to your wants and needs.


Forensic investigations prepared for court testimony.
These types of investigations are often misunderstood, and the term is often misused. The word “forensic” is derived from the Latin "forensis", meaning “relating to or dealing with the application of scientific knowledge to legal problems”. Based on that definition, a forensic engineer would be one who applies accepted engineering practices and principles to debates and legal purposes. Mr. Towery's background, education and experience of investigating over 10,000 structures qualify him to serve in this capacity. He has been tendered as an Expert Witness on numerous occasions for arbitrations, courtroom trials, and at the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors in cases pertaining to structural design errors, Code-compliance problems, construction defects and moisture related issues.


Fire and Water Damage Repair Design
Modern residential and commercial structures are designed to resist the spread of flames from one area of a building to another. This is accomplished by the installation of firewalls, sprinkler systems, fire blocking, flame resistant sealants, and other materials and systems. These were added to the Building Codes due to the relatively common occurrence of these events. Most of the time when a fire occurs, the entire structure is not lost. We have worked with numerous insurance companies, individuals and others to ensure that the portions of the structure that need to be replaced are replaced, and that the portions that are structurally unaffected are left intact. This allows for more efficient claims, better performance of the structure, and reduced premiums for owners. In cases of water or flood damage, we assist the insurance company and the claimant in determining the most effective solution to ensure that the materials of the structure are in good structural condition, without resorting to excessive and costly repairs that do not improve the condition of the building and result in increased absence for the insured, and increased costs for the insurer. We are also retained in cases where vehicles or trees impacted structures and in cases where building collapses have occurred. In these cases, it is important to correctly identify both the cause and affected elements, and to prescribe practical solutions for repair of the damaged areas. Accidents such as these are not comfortable for anyone involved, but the situation can be made significantly worse if practical and sound repairs are not implemented. Only the experience and education of a seasoned professional can ensure objective and truthful understanding of the problem and development of proper repair methods.


Industrial Load Ratings
OSHA’s (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) Occupational Safety and Health Standard, Walking and Working Surfaces, Subpart D specifies locations where load ratings are required in industrial and commercial facilities. This often takes the form of identifying the capacity of an elevated storage space. We can determine this capacity and provide the needed information for proper signage in accordance with this regulation.